Poole Harbour Safety Regulations

Dorset Police boat - moored on Poole QuayIn order to allow all harbour users to enjoy the water safely, to minimise conflict and to protect the rich variety of wildlife, the harbour has been zoned for various activities. Please respect the "Quiet Areas" where the speed limit is 6 knots.

Your attention is drawn to the following summary of Bye-laws, which are enforced for your safety:

Safe Navigation

You must navigate with care throughout the Harbour. Stay clear of the Main Shipping Channels when occupied by a large vessel.

Speed Limit

There is a speed limit of 10 knots throughout, except in the Quiet Areas, Little Channel and Holes Bay where the speed limit is 6 knots.

Water Skiing

May only take place in the area designated to the North of the Arne penisnsula. Launch at Rockley / Baiter or Cobbs Quay. Harbour Master's Permit required.


May only take place inside the Harbour with the permission of the Harbour Master.

Kite Surfing

This is a new sport and is permitted at Whitley Lake with certain restrictions.

Jet-ski at SandbanksPersonal Watercraft

Use of PW in excess of the speed limit is allowed only in the designated area to the North of Brownsea Island. PW's are not allowed in the Quiet Area to the South of Brownsea Island. Otherwise you must obey the speed limits. Harbour Masters Permit required.

Harbour Entrance

This is a potentially hazardous area. Please take great care. Use the engine if you have one fitted.

Harbour dues are payable by all residents and visiting craft in Poole Harbour, details available from the Harbour Office, Tel: 01202 440200.

For further information, contact the Harbour Master :
T : 01202 440233
F : 01202 440231

W : www.phc.co.uk
E : harbourmaster@phc.co.uk

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