Coles Miller Dream Machines on Poole Quay

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During the months April - September, every Tuesday evening is "Motorbike Night", or as it is now known, - "Coles Miller Dream Machines".

The show starts at 6pm, when the Quay is closed to all traffic, to ensure there is safe access for everyone to wander around at their own leisure. You will find an unprecedented collection of gleaming, sparkling machinery as motorbike owners from across the country gather to "show off" their machines.

From 2pm onwards there is NO car parking allowed on the Quay, as the whole area is given over to bikes, so please look for the Poole Quay Motorbike Nightalternative car parks. There will probably be in the region of 1000 - 1500 or more bikes, depending upon the weather, so make sure you have a look at this marvellous spectacle in a most different setting !

Please note, this is a weekly event supported by the Local Council and Police, it is a fascinating spectacle and well worth a look, as you get to view the Quay too.

Each week from 6pm, up to 1,000 bikers come down to meet friends, compare bikes and have a chance of winning the 'Bike of the Week' competition where weekly judges select the winner. On the final night the weekly winners, all return to be judged in the 'Bike of the Year' competition, to be in with a chance to win a great prize. Everyone attending gets to vote for their own choice of 'Bike of the Year'.

View our photo gallery of some of this years events and some from previous years gatherings HERE.

dream machines poole quay from 7876 FILMS on Vimeo.


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