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An exciting year round water slide experience awaits you at Splashdown, featuring some of the largest and fastest rides in the U.K. There are 12 rides to suit all tastes, some of which are outside and subsequently only open during the high season.

The facilities at Splashdown are grouped into 4 easy to remember zones:

Image of ride at SplashdownBUCCANEERS ZONE


An outside play area for young children, hence only open May - September.


A shallow beach style outdoor pool for toddlers and parents to enjoy 0.6m at the deepest end (Open May - September).


1m trainer pool exclusively for small children and parents to spend time in a quiet environment, ideal for lessons and confidence building in the water.



Image of outdoor river ride at SplashdownBLACK THUNDER
This is superb! Many effects make up four seasons in one ride!
Drop through a tropical rain storm, avoid the lightning (!) and only imagine what lies ahead in the thunder riddled, pitch black darkness! Be very thrilled!

A classic serpentine ride for children (under 12) only.

The perfect starter flume for everyone, breaking you in slowly! (A gentle ride, ideal for the novice or nervous.) For those with a competitive spirit (are there any exceptions?) Keep an eye on your times on the Splashdown speed clocks.

Race past each other from the top of the building in your tyres - great fun!
Make up ground as you are washed through a series of splasher pools and rapids - these lead cunningly to the awesome river ride that is the ‘Grand Canyon'.


The never-ending outdoor river ride - don't be fooled by the meandering start! Suddenly you must survive the rapids and waterfalls and then.... the fearsome Black Twister! The river ride is open from Easter to October, in the winter the Mississippi Drifter is diverted down the Black Thunder.

Stepping up the pace a bit! A great 80m ride, whoosh from side to side and race through bends and slides before splashing down!

You can be a twister hunter at Splashdown - along with all the family - you'll all stay with this one until the very end!



Image of SplashdownBARONS REVENGE

Short sharp shock treatment from the Baron - 8 metres of menacing vertical drop! Not for those with ill fitting swimmers - it can take more than just your breath away!


This ride has the bravest of you returning back down the stairs when the absolute VERTICAL drop is viewed from the top of the Screamer Tower!! If you dare, descend like a bullet, cross your arms, legs and hope.... Strictly for adrenaline junkies! Once you've ridden the screamer - you will be back for more!

Perfect for speed freaks! Go at the green light - accelerate on and on - some say that you can even get younger by the time you get to the end of the 50m ride!

Shoot down a slide and into the massive bowl! Spin around at speed like a human pinball - then fly through mid-air and splashdown - the Spacebowl - is AWESOME!

The latest ride with its unique sound and lighting effects. Twist in the tunnel and dip into the darkest recesses of the lair and come face to face with our wicked Dragon, if you dare!.



Wicked flumes and wild rides aren't everyones idea of good time, but that doesn't mean Splashdown isn't for you. In the waterpark itself there is a warm jacuzzi -style spa pool and a bubbling bench to chill out on.

In the summer we have loads of chairs and brolleys outside on our sun terraces and they are just right for taking some time out and enjoying the sunshine and making the most of a day at Splashdown.

Not going in at all. (Why not?)Grab a cup of coffee and sandwich or choccy bar in the Key Largo Cafe, read that paperback you've meaning to pick up while the kids burn off a bit of steam. (Please kindly note we do make a charge for Spectators).

We also have on-site tanning suite with UV stand up tan-cabs and spray tan so you can get a great tan even if it's raining

HOUSE RULES - The Slideway Code

For your safety and the safety of others please follow these basic rules:

No running!
Ride all flumes 1 person at a time
Obey all stop and go clocks / lights
Do not stop or chain in the rides
Use the tyres as indicated
Ride all rides feet first
Exit the splash pools and catch trays as quickly as possible
Strictly no watches, goggles, jewellery, glasses or t-shirts to be worn.

At all times follow the instructions given by the staff - the rules are there to ensure your safety. Inappropriate behaviour may result in you being asked to leave - they don't want that and we doubt you do either.

Sticking to these simple rules will ensure you have a fun, safe visit to Splashdown.

Please note : there is no adult swimming pool at Splashdown.


T : 01202 716123

F : 01202 711589
W : www.splashdownpoole.com

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