The Wish List - Poole Hospital

The Poole Hospital Wish List has been launched to provide support for all wards and departments in the provision of key pieces of equipment.

The main objectives of the fund are:

To ensure hospital wards have access to the latest state of the art equipment, thereby helping to provide the very best treatment for patients;

To raise funds to purchase and maintain a central store of equipment which is used by all wards, ensuring that staff have access, as and when they need them. These key pieces of kit are urgently needed to cope with an ever-increasing demand on hospital services and advances in technology.

To promote a close relationship between your local hospital, the general public and the commercial world.

Image of Poole HospitalFrom personal experience, we can as a family whole heartedly recommend this scheme. We were in a position where we were able to make a donation to a specific unit, to enable them to purchase some equipment which had been on their "wish list" for some time. The enthusiasm and gratitude shown by the staff when we were invited to the unit to see a demonstration of the equipment was much appreciated by us and confirmed that we had made the best decision in supporting the Wish List. We hope that you too will consider supporting the Wish List.

For more information on The Wish List, please visit their website at .

To make a donation now, please visit where you can make an online contribution.